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Dating by Season



Brits spend more than five months of their lives talking about the weather (that’s a scientific fact).  The average British adult mentions it three times a day.  We even bring ourselves to post about it on social an of average of once a week.  Who can blame us though, weather is fascinating and seasons change everything!  Our wardrobes change from floral sundresses to bundles of cashmere and woolly tights. Our cravings from Pimms and ice cream to hearty stews and bottles of merlot. This got me to thinking about how the seasons affect dating and relationships.

Winter has always been known for being hard on singletons. Everywhere you look, couples are stumbling round adorably in winter coats and matching gloves while giggling over mince pies and hot chocolate. Our social lives also takes a nosedive because leaving the confines of your sofa to brave the cold and rain is, quite frankly, horribly unappealing. And on the very rare occasions you do get out for a night, the bars seem emptier and you end up spending a fortune putting your jumpers, coats, scarf, gloves and brolly in the cloakroom! However, don’t be fooled – there’s a real reason why dating sites have their biggest spike in the winter. Dreams of festive mini breaks and kissing under the mistletoe are not uncommon and there are plenty of opportunities. So be proactive, dust off your rain boots and pop on a wooly jumper, there are lots of people out there looking for a winter romance.  New years Eve presents the opportunity.


After braving the cold, harsh winter months, we welcome spring with open arms. Goodbye to hibernating at home watching endless box sets, hello to bank holidays and beer gardens. Shakespeare once wrote: "sweet lovers love the spring", and he wasn’t wrong. For singletons, it’s the perfect time to start a new relationship. Spring brings hope and excitement, fewer clothes and lighter evenings. Spring is the time of re-birth and finding someone new – so step away from the crème eggs and grab a glass of rosé at your local.


Summer is the most wonderful time of the year. The sun is shining, there’s free flowing prosecco and everyone has that beautifully healthy summer glow. The summer season brings with it hordes of opportunities for meeting new people with an abundance of holidays, weddings and party invitations. So make the most of it and broaden your social horizon with plenty of activities and events and have fun in the sun. However, my advice is to also be slightly cautious because it’s the least likely time of year for longevity in a relationship.  If you’re looking for summer fun you may be in luck, but finding something a little more deep and meaningful than the renowned summer fling be tricky, as the sun brings out our newfound love of freedom and spontaneity. However, there’s always exceptions to the rules, so don’t let this hold you back.


Oh autumn, the season when the leaves change colour and we all get addicted to pumpkin spice lattes. Autumn and dating go together like Ben & Jerry’s. Although there may be the slight temptation to watch your thermostat plunge and engross yourself in Netflix,  resist and embrace the dating season. The summer flings have ended and our thoughts turn to settling down. The weather is still warm enough for long walks and lazy pub lunches so grab a hot chocolate and head out to watch the fireworks…you never know whose name you might be writing with your sparkler.

Photo by Massonstock/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Massonstock/iStock / Getty Images


Whatever the season, being a single means your mind is probably on meeting someone, but every season brings it's own set of distractions.  There’s so much going on in London all year round but it’s really hard to meet someone in a big city when you're busy. Try outsourcing your search to a matchmaker and you might be cuddling up to someone new by the end of the year.