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Is Your Light On This Valentine's Day?

Work, dancing, drinks and a smattering of “situationships”. Work, dancing, drinks and you’ve travelled the world solo. Work, dancing, drinks and your colleagues just got married. Work, dancing drinks and your school friends all have children. Work, dancing, drinks and your Tinder date just cancelled.

No matter how you arrived at being single it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to finding love. If you’re new to the dating scene after a long hiatus it’s normal to feel alien. Let’s banish that martian and work out whether you’re truly available with your light on, putting you in the best position to meet someone out of this world!

Work Life Balance – Is your work life balance relatively stable? Perhaps you’ve thrown yourself into your career and with technological advances found work spilling into the majority of your time. Until now this may have been a welcome distraction. If dating is on the cards are you in a position to set aside some time for another person? Making time for a relationship is the only way it will truly flourish.

Your health and wellbeing- Are you taking good care of yourself?  It’s important to begin the dating journey happy in your own skin and mind; we are the masters of our happiness and we shouldn’t expect others to complete us. We should strive to bring our best self to the dating arena…. Would you date yourself? In the words of the fabulous Oscar Wilde ‘To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance’.  

The Past - Are you over your past relationship? If you’re still clinging to “the one that got away” now might not be the time for you. Allow yourself time to mourn a relationship but don’t dwell on it and absolutely don’t you dare romanticise about how things could have worked out! It’s time to move on. Sever previous attachments because your future is waiting for you. If you would like a helping hand getting over an ex we know some amazing experts!

Expectations - Have you given up on your knight in shining armour? If you have then we curtsy to you. Realistic relationship expectations land you in a brilliant spot when it comes to meeting someone who is right for YOU. No, we’re not saying have low standards but an awareness that perfect people don’t exist is an excellent start. Unrealistic expectations are often the blockade to happiness in love.  You’re not Cinderella and he isn’t prince charming either and that’s great because there’s no beauty in perfection.

With all these points addressed only you will know if you’re ready to embrace the dating world. If you are and your light is shining brightly let’s not waste another moment, get in touch and we’ll meet for a cuppa and delve into our Little Black Book to find you the partner of your dreams.