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Date Night

Hooray- you’ve got a date! But how is your dating game? Are you a seasoned dater who takes the prospect of meeting new people in your stride? Or does the mere thought of a first date send you into a tail spin and your head instantly fill with frenzied thoughts about where to go and what to do?! Regardless of what camp you are in, we can make sure you suitably impress with our exciting new partner ‘Date Night’.

Date Night pledge to ‘keep you at the top of your dating game with latest venues and dating tips’. They, like us realise the importance of making an effort. Regardless of how many dates you have been on with other people in the past, don’t be apathetic, treat this date as though it were the first: relax, turn on your chat, be present and most importantly enjoy the experience. Dr. Wendy Walsh, Clinical Psychologist and expert on relationships and human behaviour, maintains that we should make dating ceremonial: ‘If dating has become a gulp of martini in a busy happy hour, there’s a good chance you’ve lost focus. For romance to grow into something serious it should feel special.. Add some pomp and pageantry to the romantic memories you are creating’.

So as Walsh says, make the date impressive and memorable, every marriage or lifelong partnership begins with a first date, so make it a goodun, you never know this could be the story that you recount to your children and children’s children in years to come! Here’s how ‘Date Night’ can make that happen: They filter endless online content and select the newest, freshest and most exciting ideas for you. Saving you the time of trawling the web, reading masses of reviews to simply fall back on previous tried and trusted and dare I say, slightly boring venues.

If you want to leave ALL the planning to ‘Date Night’ use their unique service: ‘ Secret Dates’ and let them organise a one off experience with all the ‘buzz and none of the hassle’. All you need to do is show up! The thrilling part of using this service is that both parties are in the dark about the date, you will be sent cheeky messages in the run up to give you clues about what you are doing. All these details add intrigue and excitement and also put both parties on a neutral, level playing field, neither in each other’s ‘hood’.

At a fundamental level, humans connect through shared experience, so why not connect through a fabulous, memorable and exciting shared experience! Get yourselves on ‘Date Night’ and let them plan the date of all dates. Even if your date isn’t ‘the one’ you will both have had a brilliant night, and you never know, on your 10th wedding anniversary you may be going back to where it all began - like me next week ;-). Enjoy!